Listing your home with Kyle and the Geenen Group makes all the difference!

Sell-With-Kyle-GeenenWhen you decide to list and sell your home with the Kyle Geenen Group, that is exactly what Kyle and the team will do: Sell your home! Our goal at the Geenen Group is to sell your home quickly, smoothly, and for the absolute best price.

Kyle prides himself with attracting the best potential buyers for your home. He does this by:

  • Helping you prepare your home beautifully.
  • Aggressively marketing your home through his extensive network.
  • Paying to feature your listing on Zillow,, and Trulia.
  • Capturing stunning photos, amazing walk through and drone videos.
  • Unmatched agent network – more showings, open houses, and offers!

Why list your home with the Geenen Group?

Kyle Geenen and the team at the Geenen Group have the experience, knowledge, and tools to get results. When working with Kyle, you are supported each and every step of the home selling process. From guiding you through what documents and materials you need to list your home, to offering advice on how to best stage and prepare your home, to capturing your home through an amazing listing description and photos, Kyle gives you his best!

Our goal at the Geenen Group is simple: Help you prepare your home to be listed, find and attract great buyers, get you an amazing offer, and make the deal work. Countless clients agree, Kyle Geenen will reach that goal and get your home SOLD!


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Below you will find PDF versions of our top Home Selling resources. Click the button to open each document. You can then save or print them as you need! Many of these resources can be found in your Geenen Group Seller’s folder as well.

 Why List With
Kyle Geenen

Tips for a
Faster Home Sale

Kyle’s 30 Day
Marketing Plan

TO-DO List

Find the current value of your home!

Compare-CMA-GeenenOne of the ways Kyle can help your prepare to sell your house is by creating a “comparative market analysis” of your home. A comparative market analysis is a report in which Kyle will show you how your home compares to houses of similar size, build qualities, amenities, and neighborhoods that are currently being listed or have just sold. These comparisons give you and Kyle the complete picture as to the value of your house and how we can position your home for the best sale possible!

Find the value
of your home today!


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